GREGIO… jewellers since 1970
Stylish, innovative and affordable jewellery of high quality for any occasion.

PRECIOUS… features detailed works of jewellery in 14K gold with shiny semi-precious gemstones, sparkling crystals, mother of pearls, tourmaline, and aquamarine combined. Thin, fine, and precious pieces to make us all love gold jewellery again and enjoy the luxury we need every day.

SMALTO… impressive crowns, crosses, hands and evil-eyes are enhanced with colourful enamel finishes on Silver925 and decorated with sparkling crystals that make these items one-of-a-kind.

MISS CHIC… features Silver925 modern and light jewellery for every day wear with a wide range of designs and colors suitable for every style. Ideal gifts for loved ones and yourself.

CHARMS… mark a special occasion such as the New Year, a new car, a new house, a new relationship, an anniversary with a charm. Pendants from this collection are known to bring luck and protect from bad energy.

METALO… handmade jewellery with a hammered satin finish. Silver925 plus crystal, enamel, cubic zirconia, and gemstone details offer a spectacular look. Medallions, crosses, hearts and other shapes create a special character specific to this collection.

LITHOS… is the ancient Greek word for stone. Colorful gemstones combined with shiny crystals, pearls and Silver925 create an impressive appearance. Onyx, amethyst, turquoise, coral, smoke quartz, and jade in many combinations and different designs offer something special for every style and outfit.

BABY… a treasure to keep forever as a souvenir to mark the most special occasions such as a baby’s birth, baptisms, etc. The Silver925 bracelets and pendants with style, imagination and colour are perfect for new-born babies and their mothers. Fabulous charms for the strollers, cribs, and blankets featuring adorable teddy bears, elephants, snails and even the evil-eye symbol.

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